Plastic or Metal bearings?

Would you believe us if we told you that plastic bearings can in fact outperform metal ones?

Well you should! A lot of engineers hesitate when it comes to using plastic bearings in their applications. Plastic bearings have replaced many metal ones in a lot of different systems, sometimes they are just as reliable as metal ones and sometimes, even better!

Here are 5 benefits of using plastic bearings:

1、No maintenance – plastic bearings resist dirt, dust and other chemicals that often lead to damage in bronze ones. They can replace bronze bearings in almost all of their applications!

2、Save money – plastic bushings are high wear, low levels of friction and can replace their alternatives with a reduction of up to 25% in cost.

3、No more messy lubricants – self lubricating bearings transfer lubricant onto the shaft to help lower the co efficient of friction and are resistant to dirt and dust.

4、Consistent coefficient of friction (COF) – plastic bearings are designed with efficiency in mind. They are consistent over the lifetime of the bearing in comparison to the same part made of metal which can falter. Plastic bearings often last longer!

5、Corrosion resistant – with no compromise to performance, plastic bearings can be used during wash-down applications and salt water and other harsh chemicals can be used.