Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt

  • Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt

1. Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt Usages:

The flame retardant conveyor belt, which is mainly used under mine.

2. Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt Feature:

The belt carcass shall not delaminate, with small rate of elongation, strong shock resistance, tear resistance. It contains PVC, (plastic face), PVG (PVC covered with additional rubber surface) solid woven flame retardant belt, it shall be in accordance with MT/914-2002.

PVC type is applicable to conveying of the material at the angle of inclination of less than 16 degree under drying condition,and conveying of the watery material at the angle of inclination of less than 20 degree.

Type N/mm tensile strength:

Level     Level4     Level5     Level6     Level7     Level 8     Level 9     Level 10

Type       680S        800S       1000S     1250S     1400S      1600S       1800S

3. Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt Safety Feature

The conveyor belt has passed the flame retardant test and electrostatic test, and has certificate of conformity with coal mine safety symbol and been accepted by clients.

(1) Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt Mechanical Property:

Given the excellent mechanical property, it is characterized by the longest service life and economy in installation and service.

(2) The longest service life:

The service life of the belt carcass is dependent on the following factors: the solid woven belt carcass through spinning and weaving of the filament and cover cotton in warp-wise and width-wise.

(3) Flame resistant conveyor belt is characterized by the solid woven flame retardant belt, wear resistance, antistatic, water resistance, flame retardation, high strength, excellent safety feature, as well as low cost, low price compared with other flame retardant conveyor belt, therefore, it is one of the popular and prevailing flame retardant conveyor belts, it is applicable to the conveying in underground with mild slope.

(4) Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt Joint Property:

According to the strength and structure of the belt carcass, adopting the mechanical buckle for connection, its strength is up to 50%-90% of the strength of the belt strength; adopting vulcanized joint, its strength is up to 60%-90% of the strength of the belt. A variety of joints shall satisfy the requirements of client so as to ensure the system safety and high efficient operation.

Type of conveyor belt model                      PVC(mm)                   PVC(mm)

680S                                                              1.5+1                            2+1

800S                                                               2+1                              2+1

1000S                                                             2+1                              2+1

1250S                                                             2+2                              2+1.5

1400S                                                             3+2                              2.5+1.5

1600S                                                             3+2                              2.5+1.5

1800S                                                             3+2                              3+2

2000S                                                             5+2                              3+2 or 4+2

(5) Flame retardant property:

Friction of the drum: the surface temperature of the drum shall be no more than 325 ℃.

Burning of the blow lamp: the flame time average of the blow lamp for the full thickness specimen shall be no more than 3.0S,and the flame time average without cover layer shall be no more than5.0S.

(6) Burning of propane: The length of the non destructive part shall be more than 250mm;

Surface resistance: The average value of the resistance values of the upper surface and undersurface shall be no more than 3.0×10Ω.

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