Antioxidant 4020(6PPD)

  • Antioxidant 4020(6PPD)

Chemical Name : N(1,3-dimethyl-butyl)-N'-phenyl-P-phenylenediamine

Structral Formula:

Molecular Formula: C18H24N2

Molecular formula: 268.41

Technical Indexes: Q/JH03-10.1-7

Properties : Blackish brown solid(S.G.:1.1), soluble in gasoline, benzene, acetone and etc. Insoluble in water. It will become black on exposure to air, but there is no effect on its properties. Due to low melting point, it should be stored away from high temperature.

Usage : An antioxidant used for rubber products with high efficiency, low poison and low solvent-extraction amount. Also used as stabilizer in synthetic rubber which is widely applied in many kinds of rubber products.

Package : Packed in multiple paper bag with PP woven bag and lining PE bag. 25kg/bag.

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