Rubber carbon black dispersing agent LTS-22B

  • Rubber carbon black dispersing agent LTS-22B

Description of product characteristics

Rubber carbon black dispersing agent LTS-22B is the blend of aliphatic acid ester Polar hydrocarbons combined with active filler. Improve the dispersion properties, surface behavior of inorganic fillers such as carbon black,and the demoulding performance of

high filled carbon black rubber, has excellent lubrication, reduce the mooney viscosity, the mixing time and energy consumption. Significantly improve the extrusion property, injection performance and the demoulding performance of rubber products, not affect to the,

The scorching quality, curability, physical property curing performance and physical properties are not affected.

Scope of application

Work as dispersing agent of inorganic filler such as carbon black

in NR,SBR,CSM,EAM,EPDM,NBR and other rubber material.


1.  Use at the beginning of the mixing cycle together with the filler

2.  Dosage:2-4phr

3.  No effect on peroxide, can be used for die casting moulding


Chemical constitution: The compound of aliphatic ester, hydrocarbon and filler

Appearance: Small white flakelets or particles

Density: 1.10-1.39/CM3(20 ℃)

Ash content: 17-22%

Discoloration of vulcanized rubber: Non

Packing: 25kg/ packet,1ton/ packet

Safety and transportation

According to the transport law, rubber carbon black dispersing agent LTS-22B belong to non dangerous goods, transport as non - dangerous goods. Using correctly will not cause any harm.

Storage: Sealed storage in the cool, dry place, storage period of two years.

Special Note

The above product technical information and data is based on the best available information, and does not provide any guarantee and no infringement of any patent. Users have a responsibility to test the applicability of the product before using it.

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